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Montessori for kids

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"Montessori for kids" is the perfect combination of all necessary learning components your kids need to know in their preschool.Our Montessori app is divided into 13 learning categories :-1. Fruits 2. Vegetables 3. Flowers 4. Shapes 5. Colors 6. Happy Family7. Feelings8. Human Body9. Numbers 10. Time11. Days 12. Months13. Seasons "Montessori for kids" also have two mini games that will help your child to verify the learning outcome of game..1. Match me:- Engaging game to match the items (like matching two apples, matching two emotions )This game will help kids to remember and similar looking items and learn 2. Find me:- Fun game to find the item out of list of items. (like finding happy feeling out of all expressions feelings)This game will help kids to identify one item out of similar looking items. There are three levels in Find me section: easy, normal, and hard. Kids can play any level depending on the learning curve he has.Montessori for Kids will offer you the teaching methodology at your fingertips on your mobile and tablets. No matter your kids are of the age of preschool, kindergarten or elementary school admission, this app will help you to teach them the basic concepts of learning and enhance their learning curves.Download “Montessori for kids” now and start your preschool age group kids’ learning at your home under your parental care. You will find this app perfectly handy tool for stepping in his/her world of learning with fun and entertainment unlimited.